Adaptability and flexibility

Adaptabilidad y agilidad las claves de MCA

MCA Spain takes its customers’ reliance on our high-quality products very seriously, and is also able to offer ad hoc solutions. With warehouse space of over 35,000 m2 able to store 54,000 pallets, the company can turn around a high influx of national orders within hours. However it is not just this logistical muscle that allows us to fulfill our customers’ large orders, but also a type of synchronised intelligence able to manage over 500 references in 3,000 points of sale.

agilidadIn the current market context, MCA Spain is aware that a product’s profitability is related to the speed and the way in which it arrives on a store’s shelves or on the final customer’s table. What is required is a flexible value chain designed to meet our customer needs, and we have therefore spent years incorporating highly professional teams to provide efficient, effective and flexible responses to our orders.

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