Designation of origin

sellos denominación de origen

A key element of MCA Spain’s production falls under EU Regulation 510/2006 for the category known as Protected Designation of Origen (D.O.P.). This has meant that as we have expanded internationally, we have entered markets in countries unable to produce any of the three categories of D.O.P. product that MCA Spain works with: Navarre asparagus, Lodosa Piquillo peppers and Tudela artichokes.

MCA Spain currently has a gourmet preserves line representing Navarre haute cuisine with preserves produced and sealed in Spain with the D.O.P. certificate. These products originate in the Ribera Navarra region, also known as the Ribera del Ebro, and feature “quality and characteristics [which may be] fundamentally if not exclusively attributed to the geographical environment and its natural and human factors, and whose production, processing and development are carried out in a defined geographical region”, as stipulated by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

The importance of the local environment in Mendavia is extremely important given the production area’s geographical location. The climate, frequent rainfall, influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the properties of soils rich in nutrients means it is unparalleled for the growing of vegetables in the Iberian Peninsula. Such privileged circumstances mean that MCA Spain’s D.O.P. products serve as an indispensable point of reference for Navarre haute cuisine.

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