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MCA Spain operates in Spain as well as in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia, with 20% of production destined for export. Our main business activities are concentrated in the following channels.

We supply the main national distribution channels as well as others in the sector across Europe. Our products, recognised to be among the best Spanish preserves, are also competitively priced and therefore found on the shelves of large-scale distributors, whether under own-brand labels or the distributor’s label. High-quality service, deliveries and products and years of experience have all gone into forging such a reputation.

With the same efficient and reliable service that make MCA Spain the ideal partner for large-scale distribution, the company currently conducts part of its sales via the Horeca channel, and particularly among restaurant suppliers. This has allowed MCA Spain to become a regular supplier of large chains in the hotel sector, the industrial food services industry and to a lesser extent, catering companies. One of MCA Spain’s most prized features in this channel is the adaptability it offers its customers, demonstrated for example by its ability to adjust the amount of fruit in each package according to customer needs.

MCA Spain is proud to foster and boost traditional small–scale retail. The company’s growth in its early years was thanks to a variety of greengrocers across Spain that placed their trust in the quality and reliability of the service offered by MCA Spain, and nowadays many iconic Spanish small-scale retailers still show their confidence in our products year after year. It is thanks to their trust, professionalism and high standards that we have become the company we are today.


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