Mapa de MCA en el mundo

MCA Spain currently distributes 80% of its global production to the national market via its 35,000m2 operative and logistical hub in Mendavia, and from which it also manages its remaining markets. However, in a move reflecting the expected internationalisation of the national food industry, MCA Spain has expanded into other markets such as Asia, Europe and the United States.

International expansion has not however prevented common policies from being applied to the entire company or to the companies with which MCA Spain works in other countries. This is the case for issues surrounding sustainable capital, in which the company has developed its own technology (the EDAR system) to treat and purify the waste water produced by its factories.

In fact, it must be highlighted that for MCA Spain, production refers to the entire production process and particularly to the harvesting stage, which is key to maintaining the pillars of our quality standards at all times.

Production centres


Mendavia, Navarre, Spain.

Logistics company, seafood preserves, canned vegetable, gourmet line and D.O.P. products.


Shandong, China.

Canned vegetable


Cerro azul district, San Vicente de Cañete, Lima, Peru.

Seafood preserves and semi-preserves, frozen products. Cerro verde district: canned vegetable

Mca Spain S.L.
Altos del Rubio
Ctra. Logroño-Mendavia
NA 134 km 87,5
31587 Mendavia (Navarra)
Spain (U.E.)