Innovación y desarrollo de nuevos productos por MCA

The rapid evolution of the market and society’s changing needs have led MCA Spain to offer solutions both adapted to present times and in line with the high standards demanded by traditional consumers. That is why the company has invested in the development of new products and formats, combining them with the traditional methods.

In this light, some time ago MCA Spain resolved to enter the organic preserves market, incorporating new ranges into its lines in order to meet the needs of consumers increasingly aware of the way in which food is produced. Proof of the success of this venture is the organic quality seal recently awarded to MCA Spain by the European Union.

Another important aspect of the way in which MCA Spain responds to customer needs is reflected in the way in which it meets demands related to the packaging and labelling of products on the shelves, the quantity of fruit a restaurant owner might need, or more compact jars labelled the “freshest” for final customers. MCA Spain has also invested in the development of microwave products combining the latest technology in packaging with the flavours of haute cuisine.

We consider our contribution to Navarre Haute Cuisine to be our use of high-quality raw materials, our loyalty to traditional recipes and our employment of the latest technology to bring high-end food products to a variety of sectors.

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